Maintenance Request

How to Submit a Request as a Resident

  1. Login to your Property Meld Account. (Must Make All Repair Requests Online)
  2. Click on the “+ New Meld” button at the top-right of your screen:
    Metropolitan Real Estate Maintenance Button
  3. Simply enter your request information including:
    • Brief Description.
    • Location (where in the property is the issue).
    • Category (your best guess of the type of issue).
    • Related to a past meld (if this is a 2nd request on a problem).
    • Unit (pre-filled in with your options).
    • Detailed Description.
    • Do You Need to Be Present (check YES if you want to participate in the scheduling)?
  4. Then click ‘+CREATE’! Viola!

Emergency Line to be used for Major Water Leaks Blocked, or damaged sewer water pipes and Fires.

What is an Emergency

An emergency maintenance issue is one that is dangerous, hazardous, or if not addressed immediately could cause damage to the property or your personal wellbeing.

Emergencies typically include items such as:

  • Electrical: Sparking, Fire, Smoke, Overheated Fixtures.
  • Fire: call 911 Immediately, then contact Metropolitan Emergency Hot Line 602.388.8087.
  • Lack of Air Conditioning or Heating Only if it poses a health risk.
  • Heavy Structural Damage: Roof, foundation or walls.
  • Plumbing: flooding due to roots or breakdown of fixtures.
  • Theft: Resident must First notify Police Then Contact Metropolitan Emergency Hot Line 602.388.8087.